Head Tables

Most of the photos taken at the reception will be of the head table, cake table and dance floor. So it only makes sense to spend a few more dollars out of the budget on these spaces.

Head tables, like your wedding party come in all different shapes and sizes. Sweetheart, harvest, traditional, tiered, or angled are just some of the ways that you can set your head table. The number of people in your wedding party, the size of your venue and the style of your wedding will all be factors in determining the configuration of your table.

How do you choose the options for your table?

When selecting the dressings for your table you will want to make sure to keep your photos in mind. It is important to choose colors that will enhance the attire of everyone sitting at the table, rather than cause them to blend in to the table.

A budget friendly suggestion would be to make sure that all embellishments are front facing rather than on the table top, as the only guests who will really see the top will be the people seated there.

Be sure to leave enough space at the head table in order to be comfortable and enjoy dinner. You don’t want to be so close that you can’t cut the entrée.