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In addition to all the pretty we also can help you with the practical things you may need such as tables & chairs. We have options for chairs if want them for your outdoor ceremony, replacing or needing chairs at your venue, or if you want a few fancier chairs to make your head table stand out.

If you need tables we have plenty to go around in various shapes & sizes. If you need table linens we can also help you with that! Head on over to our linen section to read more about what we offer or stop in the showroom today to browse our fabrics & colors.


Plastic Folding Chairs

  • Black Samsonite Folding Chair
  • White Samsonite Folding Chair
  • White Millennium Folding Chair

Dining Chairs

  • Natural Wooden Folding Chairs
  • Mahogany Wooden Folding Chairs
  • Black Resin Padded Chairs
  • White Resin Padded Chairs
  • White Cross Back Chairs (limited quantities)
  • Silver Galvanized Chairs (limited quantities)
  • Ghost Chiavari Chairs (limited quantities)
  • Walnut Chiavari Chairs (limited quantities)


Sizes Available in Round Tables

  • 30″ Diamater Cocktail Tables (30″, 36″, 42″ Height Options)
  • 3′ Round (30″ & 42″ Height Options)
  • 4′ Round
  • 5′ Round
  • 6′ Round

Sizes Available in Banquet Tables

  • 4′ Banquet Table (30″ & 42″ Height Options)
  • 6′ Banquet Table (30″ & 42″ Height Options)
  • 8′ Banquet Table (30″ & 42″ Height Options)
  • 6’/8′ Conference Tables (18″ wide x 30″ or 42″ Height Options
  • 9′ Rustic Barnwood Table


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