“I Do” DIY

“I Do” DIY

Planning two weddings? Your dream Pinterest wedding and then your real life wedding?

We all know too well that the awesome ideas found on Pinterest are sometimes a little unrealistic, but we are here to help you do something beautiful that you love for a great price! The best part is that these backdrops not only can be used behind your head table, but also behind to cake or dessert display to make those photos extra special AND you don’t have to waste money on buying all of this fabric (which let’s get real, what are you going to do with it all afterwards??) you can rent all all the components and DO IT YOURSELF!!

There are 3 different fabrics to choose from, regular pipe and drape, satin drape panels and sheer drape panels in a variety of color options will be the start to your backdrop. This is where the fun part comes in, there are thousands of options are here for you to choose from to accent your backdrop to make it your own. From linens to ribbon to crystal beading and lighting we have so many ideas for you to personalize your decor and the best part again, is you can do it all yourself!

A general tip with this is figuring out how many people will be sitting at the table, what size the tables are, and how many tables you will be using. We do this to ensure you can get the correct size backdrop for your wedding. We also can coordinate linens, napkins and other fun accents for your head table that will give you a look you will love!

Stop into the Spielman’s showroom to chat with our design team and check out all of the options to DIY your backdrop!

Stay tuned for MORE samples & photos of our DIY backdrops!!

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